[Vwdiesel] VW service Manual for sale

Hayden Chasteen dieseltdi at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 29 21:50:25 EST 2003

I just found a Bentley service Manual for A1 Rabbits, Jettas and
Pickups 1977 through 1981 in my garage.  I already have one so I
thought I would offer it here before I put it on ebay.  It has been wet
so the pages are stained but none are currently stuck together.  It is
obviously far from perfect but for $5 plus shipping ($3.95 Priority
mail or cheaper by regular mail) you simply can't lose.  hayden
Visit my website at  www.home.earthlink.net/~dieseltdi
Proud owner of:
2002 Jetta Wagon GLS TDI (Upsolute Tuning Box)
1998 Jetta TDI (Wetterauer Chipset, 2 1/2" exhaust, K&N Filter, propane
dual fuel system, 101K+ miles, and now running on B100)
2 - 1981 Rabbit Pickups (slowly being morphed into one truck with a
freshly rebuilt turbo engine) Will burn biodiesel and WVO with a
propane injection system.
And many, many, many VWs; from a 1946 Beetle, to Vans, Rabbits, Karmen
Ghias, Jettas, Passats, Dashers, Pickups and many others both air and
water-cooled now gone but not forgotten.

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