[Vwdiesel] Changing the 5 speed trans fluid

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On 30 Oct 2003 at 18:54, Scott Kair <scott3491 at insightbb.com> wrote:

>     Assuming it's for your 91 A2, it's not that big a deal.  Go to the
> dealer first and get a couple of the rubber washer/gasket/sealers that go
> between the cable securing plate and the transmission.  Old ones will hold
> well until you remove the cable, then they split when you put them back on,
> causing a noticeable leak. They should be under $5 ea.  While you're there, it
> wouldn't hurt to pick up a couple of the little clips that hold the speedometer
> gear to the cable.  The cable has to be wiggled out, and if the clip is weak, it
> won't be apparent until you try to reinsert it and the gear drops into the
> tranny, never to be seen again.  Both parts may have to be ordered.

Good point, I forgot that this seal is often badly mangled...

>     Not sure what size torx screw it is; PO replaced mine with a
> conventional hex-head.

Hmm... I wonder when they went torx? Both my 85's have 12mm hex
bolts, and I'm pretty sure they are original.

>     When I changed mine, I drained it by the manual and removed the l/f tire and
> had to wiggle the allen head wrench around to get it on the screw. Tapping it
> loose wasn't fun, both due to the fender liner.  It might be easier to drain it
> from the screw in the bottom, but you might have to remove the bash plate.

?? The allen plug on the end is the old filler hole, not the drain, so you
wouldn't get much out unless you also remove the bottom drain. I don't
usually bother to remove the filler plug, as it's a pain to get at, and not
necessary unless you're checking the level, and this is rarely needed
unless you have a leak. As of '88 models (or so) the filler hole is higher, so
a proper fill comes to the edge; early models require an extra 0.5 liter after
reaching the edge of the filler.
So in the case of the '91, removing the speedo cable is actually not
needed - you could just remove both 17mm allen plugs and drain, then fill
to level of filler plug. If you choose to fill this way, then I recommend
removing the fender liner... (which is why I opt for the speedo cable
method... ;-)

>     HTH,
>     Scott Kair
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> > Anybody out there ever change the gear lube in their 5 speed?  Looking in the
> > Bentley Manual it says to pour in the new fluid through the hole that the
> > speedometer cable goes into.  What size Torx does it take?  Are there any
> > special things I need to know when removing and reinstalling the speedometer
> > cable?  TIA
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