[Vwdiesel] Thank you Hagar... Was: First time into the guts of an injection pump.

William A. Thompson twogreek at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 1 02:48:03 EST 2004

Hagar the Horrible comes thru ... two days ago I
got the distributor plunger shim you mailed to me.
It is installed ... car started up as soon as the
filled itself from the tank. More further down.

Name"sake --- Definition:   \Name"sake`\, n.
[For name's sake; i. e., one named for the sake
of another's name.] One that has the same name
as another; especially, one called after, or named
out of regard to, another.

I have a feeling the "horrible" part of the name
you adopted is not the character usually first
noticed about you ... at least not nowadays.
Very kind of you to give up this part for me.
Thank you sir.

Twenty-six years ago ... a good bit before the
advent of the internet ... I had moved away from
this area ... because of how hard it was to find
.. these unique and uncommon items ... up here
in the "sticks" of the North West part of
Washington State, USA. I know that with
respect to some of u'ns ... my "sticks" is
relatively downtown for you. I had just spent
four years in the Marine Corps ... and so had
seen more of what's available out there. It was
difficult to find things like this and others ...
when it was on the store shelf elsewhere. Now
I have moved back ... having tired of the hubbub
of more populated areas ... plus it helped my
decision to move back here when Boeing
was hiring and offering to pay the freight of

Now ... with the ability to be in the worldwide
groups ... I run into kind generous fellows.
Although some of them are in the sticks even
more than I ... we find each other to share our
passion of interests.

But I digress ... back to the pump.

In earlier posts in another thread ... I lamented
and appealed for a .098 inch thick plunger shim
for my injection pump. Since then I have talked
to another Rabbit fanatic ... who has been into
these pumps. Although the machined parts are
matched at the factory ... he has seen that pumps
having duplicate pump numbers have different
internal parts numbers and measurements.
He also said he had found that a difference in
this shims' thickness and some other internal
parts ... could usually be made up for by
adjustments outside the pump as long as
everything else inside was in reasonable

Pump Gang fanatic "Hagar the Horrible"
offered and sent a .082 shim he had to spare.
Thank you Hagar !!!

Also thank God for the invention of the
simple rubber band. Two hands are not
enough to hold two sets of springs ... 4 total
.. with shims and keepers for two of them
.. that don't exactly hold themselves in place
during assembly. Strategically placed rubber
bands around them and the distributor body
held them in place while I navigated the whole
ungainly distributor assembly ... including
and associated, plunger and associated, and
the replacement shim, into place. I held the
pump in a vise ... shaft end down and lowered
the distributor ... springs, plunger, shim and all
.. into the receiving cavity. It helped to use a
of assembly grease to fill the recess of the
and press the shim into that to hold it there. It
still a bit of a coaxing to hold it steady ... and
gingerly set it all in place.

On first attempts to start the '82 NA diesel
.. the pump having been emptied of fuel and no
external adjustments changed ... cranking 5 times
15 seconds each time got the pump primed and
engine running. I was happy to see the expected
differences in its' running considering the .016
thinner shim thickness. It started and
idled for a few moments ... I imagine the pump
still getting itself full of fuel ... and then
went to
a higher RPM ... without a diesel tach I am
guessing ... perhaps to 3 to 4k or so ... but

The thinner shim moved the plunger stroke further
back towards the cam plate in relation to the
collar ... resulting in a larger effective stroke
dumping the pressure in the plungers' control bore
increasing fuel delivery out to the injectors ...
raising the idle rpm since the idle speed screw
was still set for a thicker shim.

Shutting it off I went under the hood ... backed
off the idle screw slightly less than the width of
locknut ... and backed off the WOT screw
(fueling screw) small tad. Fires up and runs well
enough now to start venerable Hagar's next step
.. Hillbilly Tuning for drivability and economy.

I am hoping that the .016 difference in the
tolerance relationship between the plunger and
the plunger barrel is wide enough to avoid running
into one of them opening or closing slightly too
late or too soon to effect drivability. From some
of my experience in manufacturing it would seem
these relationships would purposefully be
What say you Hagar and other DIY pump

I will post the results of the Hillbilly Tuning in
the next few days.

Again ... generous Hagar ... thank you.


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> Hey Hagar ...
> Here is a picture of the particular part that I
> need
> http://tinyurl.com/6ctrg
> This is the pump.
> NR 0 460 494 005
> VE 4/9F 2500 R162
> 068 130 107A
> 011831 32018
> I had meant to give that link in my last post.
> but I was up to late and totally brain farted it
> I did do a search on http://www.car-part.com/
> found about a dozen pumps available. I'd hate to
> pay $100 US just for this small internal part.
>     ...Bill
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> Subject: First time into the guts of an
> pump.
>    William A. Thompson :   Yes I have the part
> for that pump    send me a picture.
> And Piston and distributer bloc are
ated.  ---and
> numbered.    and Piston and control
> sleeve are mated. ---numbered with electric
> pencil.
> No charge  at all  BUT     Lenoras and Sirids
> would like a small donation ---totally
> I will lend you a pump for free for 6 month.
> They are easy to find at scrappers. So  6 momth
> you will find one.  Remember any pump    ANY
> will do for those years.  Automatic
> manual turbo 1.6 or 1.5      no problemo.   If
> see one with LDA grab it.
> Hagar.
> PS :  you are a member of the pump gang
? ---shit
> you are now.    yieks I need
> to get that spell checker working.  XP pro and
> Outlook express 6.

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