[Vwdiesel] Turbo talk -- ( boy meets turbo )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Jun 2 18:00:59 EDT 2004

Technically I know Jack  about VW  turbos. -----but I do know that they
are expensive to buy and expensive to fix.

Some time ago I wound up with a 1884 1.6L Rabbit Turbo.---- nicest handling little
thing for around town.   I got it for scrap price. (parts) so I had intended to get rid
of the turbo.  ----then enter Scott Kair ,  he talked me in to leaving it on for a while.
The while is up ---and now I can't do without.

Like most of you fellas when you met your first VW turbo  ----(on old used VW)
my first question was --- Does it work ?   --- then WHAT ? does it
sound like ? .

I know a few of you have hands on experience with Garrett turbos.So  please let
me know all you know about the waste gate . Can it flutter ?  Can it operate
properly one day and not the next ?    Is it powered by a piston or a diaphragm ?
Does a coil spring keep it closed ?

Two days ago suddenly the engine sound changed and it was a joy to drive.
I noticed that the boost at low power settings increased dramatically.Let me add that
I put a cork in pressure relief valve long time ago.(according to Bentley test).

I may have to give her more food  ---- to get to 10 psi.        but 6 psi  is fine in my book.

At high power settings ----it showed 6 psi consistently ------but never moved gauge much
at normal driving. ---- Now it shows about 3 psi at normal  50 Km/h speed.  

Could it be that driving it really lean got rid of carbon in turbo ?   It is so lean
that it is difficult to make it smoke.   ---- She was a heavy smoker when I got her.

I drive by the Shell station with the big price board every day ---- grinning.   (83.9L Can)

Loren mentioned some time back that the coke in turbo bearings sometimes
disappear with proper lube.

Hagar.           TIA -----     

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