[Vwdiesel] TD engine almost out!

Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Thu Jun 3 01:37:23 EDT 2004

re: changing the two year old oil - I did it using cheap 15w40, and took the 
Jetta for a quick spin down the street & back - this will be the last drive (under 
power) in this car... kind of sad, as I've had it for 14 years and over 300k kms. 
She still has lots of guts, and sounds very nice with the exhaust broken just 
before the rear axle - love that turbo whine!

Tonight I finally started the engine removal process, stripping most of the 
parts except the mounts and starter. I borrowed my neighbor's hoist, and 
should have it out tomorrow. Then I plan to push it down the street to his 
house, donating it for parts to him, after I get what I need. So if anyone here 
wants something for the cost of shipping, let me know quick. I'll be keeping 
most of the good stuff, like any diesel parts needed for my Westy swap, 
engine, trans, alt, starter, etc.

Shawn Wright
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