[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 84 --- ( driving miss Bondo )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Jun 3 21:38:26 EDT 2004

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Subject: Rabbit droppings # 84 --- ( driving miss Bondo )

Do I really need to go to town every bloody day ?  --hell NO .   but driving
a 1884 1.6L turbo Rabbit is so much fun ----- and total cost of fuel is about 
50 cents ---how could I resist ?.
Funny thing about this one is that it seems to drive better very day -- not deteriorating.

It is a prime example what Hillbilly tuning can do to an old Rabbit. Lets give credit
where it is due ---- it has a lot to do with help from this forum.

This baby will beat the pants off a Prius any day of the week on cost per mile.

Am I strong on HYBRIDS  , you bet  ---- they make sense .  A diesel electric Rabbit
is a natural.   Use back seat for a good battery  The Prius drive train is showing us the way.

Every morning I look at helicopter view of Seattle and LosAngeles traffic. and if that is not
a good reason for battery power --- what is ? . Plug her in at night and battery should get you
a long way down that freeway. WITHOUT blowing shit on the car behind.

What sort of specifications would I like in a Rabbit Hybrid ?  a 1000V motor running
in a vacuum at high RPM  say about 10 000 Rpm with an airgap of absolutely minimum.
and a continuos variable tranney.(like Prius) The Rabbit would have to be a weight watcher.
Get rid of lots of  pounds.(kilograms)
Wish I was a whippersnapper again --- all those exciting challenges. Shit I am going
to miss a lot of fun. ---- not to mention a lifetime of experience going to waste.

Well I think you guys can carry on OK.


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