[Vwdiesel] Air-cooled and diesel oil?

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   There wasn't any change in head temps, just oil temps. I've read that before
about synoil supposedly not picking up the heat -- total nonsense, I think. If
it were true, head temps should have gone up. The bottom line is that virtually
*all* racing cars use synoil because the reduced friction gives them more power,
and reduced friction also means less heat. 

On Fri, Jun 04, 2004 at 06:23:49AM -0500, Mary Beth and Chris Geiser wrote:
> Did you see lower head temps with synthetics too, or just lower oil
> temps?  I ask only because one of the things I've been reading is that
> synthetics didn't pick up the heat adequately which the writers thought
> would affect air-cooled's much more than water cooled.  Maybe that's
> outdated now also?
> I drive this van so little, that a once a year investment in synthetics
> would be no big deal, but I haven't thus far because of the heat issue.
> Chris
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>    The diesel oil would work okay, but I'd really recommend going with
> synthetic. My '73 westy (with an '81 engine in it) and my '81 vanagon
> both were
> much happier, had significantly lower oil temps -- like 20F degrees --
> than with
> dino oil due to the decreased friction.

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