[Vwdiesel] dead TDI progress

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Jun 5 11:48:44 EDT 2004

This saga get more interesting by the day, (in my book) ------by intermixing
mechanical and human relations problems.

I come from a society where the " Ombudsmand " was dreamed up ---and
this case may just be a perfect fit.

When a good shop changes a belt and the mechanic has done one before ---
my gut feeling is that we are looking at a simple human mistake or a mechanical
failure . Mechanical failures can happen any time.

I am leaning on Val Christian for details about the 2000 TDI ----- for example does the
Bentley recommend loosening the camshaft bolt ?

Is the tightener using spring pressure for compensating for belt stretch ? Better systems
use oil pressure for adjusting belts.

I looked really carefully at the test engine -----and it looks like with the amount
of wrap around sprockets and the size of the cleats ---- a belt would have to 
be very slack to jump.

So where are we now ?   -- looking for a cause , that's where.  

A small claims action may be the answer..          --- waiting for the next installment.


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