[Vwdiesel] Engine parts everywhere! :-)

Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Sat Jun 5 16:44:06 EDT 2004

I know have a bare TD block sitting on my garage, surrounded by various 
boxes of parts, and all the internal bits laid our on the bench. I need a bigger 

I was pleased to see very little ridge on the cylinders, mostly just carbon 
buildup. The pistons/rods came out the top with a taps of a hammer butt, and 
look good (I think), with a bit of scuffing showing but no stuck or broken rings. 
I'm hopeful that I can reuse them, but I guess only a mic on the bores will tell 
me for sure. I was surprised at how good the rod bearings looked - no 
perceptible sign of wear at all, although they are single layer, so it could be 
hard to spot. The crank bearings showed a bit of wear since I replaced them 
about 30k kms ago, but I suspect just from seating in. The #3 thrust bearing 
was down to copper on both sides, which I guess indicates the crank end 
play was too loose?

I could not detect play in the int shaft, although it is stiff to turn... I have 
suspected these bearings for years, but I guess a machine shop will have to 
pull them?

Injection pump had some axial play - I could move the shaft in & out maybe 
1mm - this can't be good. The turbo bearing seemed tight & smooth.

In all, it was a good morning of pulling things apart, but now I have a big 
mess to clean up... and I need to start searching for a machine shop to hot 
tank the block and replace the int shaft bearings, and rebuild the head for me, 
or at least do a valve grind & new guides, etc. I saw no signs of head gasket 
leakage, but it should be checked I guess. Do these shops normally measure 
the bores also, or should I be looking to borrow the tools?

This is my first full rebuild, so plenty more questions to follow . :-)
Shawn Wright
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