[Vwdiesel] Brakes ------ ( repair to REAR Rabbit brakes )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Jun 6 12:27:12 EDT 2004

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Subject: Brakes ------ ( repair to REAR Rabbit brakes )

I am surprised that some of you do not use the archive. For that reason
I say again how nifty the brakes are to do if done a certain way.

Here is a recap of my procedures. :

Step one remove both small nuts from hand brake cable.By seats.

Remove drum.   --- (release wedge if needed).   Then  remove hydraulic line.
Remove two lower bolts holding axle.   Detach cable from lever..

Remove two upper bolts from axle. ------ Then you have all you need real
handy for doing it on the workbench (kitchen floor)

Then remove cylinder first  and install last.       I may have to make a film
clip to show how fast and easy it really is. Must be done in a certain order.

No special tools needed ------NO brake spring pliers -- Just Rubber mallet
Long nose pliers and a vicegrip.

Some day I shall give a specific step by step procedure.    I can hardly wait
to do the next set. It is that much fun for me.  A little like a puzzle like the cube.

Gavrik Peterson   -- On your new shoes make sure lever moves freely and rivet
is not sloppy . Move it back and forth and give it a drop of oil..When assembled and
with cable attached --make sure the lever is all the way to the rear--as far as it will go.
wedge is up high before putting drum back on.  After first drive make sure drums are
cool ---feel them as soon as you stop.

Most of the metal parts are soft steel ---so they can be straightened or bent to work
best.------Have fun ----look at the weather --wow ---now is the time.   And I am sickbay
what rotten luck----- I can see my toy engine out front from here where I sit.She is
going to take a shitkicking this summer.----all those exciting tests---- yes Loren
that toluene will be tested.---So help me GOD.


PS:   Important -------  make sure rubber plug on back of plate is in place when finished.
If the plug on the 1984 Turbo Rabbit here had been in place --it would have saved
me hours of sandblasting.    And like Loren suggested move all bleeder screws -to
make sure they do not rust in place---- every year . Cover them with rubber grease
if you have it.  Broken bleeders cost me a small fortune ---so this is experience talking
Look up in archives Val Christians procedures for stubborn bleeders.--He told me too late
for the first batch ---- but Mother look at me now ----  .

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