[Vwdiesel] Engine parts everywhere! :-)

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Jun 6 13:17:59 EDT 2004

.  Too much 
time sitting at lights with the clutch in?  --------  I (Hagar) just learned something 
that is easy to verify. ----- If true the side towards the clutch should show the wear.
Thanks Loren  --- I never gave a thought to those bearings being important.

Not one bearing in the VW diesels I took apart showed worn bearings. - I was
surprised -yes.

The small impact will work on the Crank bolt if you use a bar at the same time.

A pipe wrench on a deep socket will do.   It takes four hands to do well.
The risk of breaking the block is small IMHO.

They must have Gorillas installing nuts and bolts at VW ----either that or
they use a lot of Locktite.    --- think propshafts and you know what I mean
by the way a pipe-wrench with a pipe extension works like a charm on those
screws. I use a 4" Rigid Pipe wrench (with pipe extension).  ---- RIGID ? good tools  IMHO.


PS: I stripped those screws on shafts ---before Loren told me they were NOT
hex but " Square-heads"    ---- shit my eyes are getting dim. And screws were

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