[Vwdiesel] Oil in CV Boot

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Mon Jun 7 10:39:12 EDT 2004

> What seals should I change? Is there an underlying cause of this that needs 
> correction? 

  It's the rubber plug/seal that's in the middle of the CV flange that's 
It either has a hole in it or it came loose.  Find out which and why once you 

get to it.  Meaning look for a cause of damage first before just putting it 
or a 
new one back in.

> Could this lack of oil have caused any damage? 

  It can in both the joint and the tranny.  Since it never leaked out then 
it's likely the tranny is ok.  The hum is from something though so it 
could be the joint, 5th gear (what usually gets noisy if the tranny is a 
little low) or something unrelated.)  The CV can wear from lack of 
proper lube even though it's full of gear oil.

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