[Vwdiesel] Re: Oil in CV Boot

kevin.jack at primus.ca kevin.jack at primus.ca
Tue Jun 8 16:01:45 EDT 2004

Thanks for the response. 

Well its all apart. The cv joint is finished so I will change it. 

At first I thought it was the final drive seal, so took the old one out. I 
didnt see the spring behind it that Bentley mentions???? 

Ill check for that other seal in the flange. 

I called Napa and they claim to have a seal in stock. I dont know which one 
they are referring to. The final drive or the flange? They dont know either. 

Is there anything else I should do when this is all apart. Is there a 
bearing in the flange? or only the CV joint bearing? 

Thanks for the help 

BTW...it was a pain in the ass getting the flange off using homemade 
specialty tools ;) 

LBaird119 at aol.com writes: 

>> What seals should I change? Is there an underlying cause of this that needs  
>> correction? 
>   It's the rubber plug/seal that's in the middle of the CV flange that's 
> leaking.
> It either has a hole in it or it came loose.  Find out which and why once you  
> get to it.  Meaning look for a cause of damage first before just putting it 
> or a 
> new one back in. 
>> Could this lack of oil have caused any damage?  
>   It can in both the joint and the tranny.  Since it never leaked out then 
> it's likely the tranny is ok.  The hum is from something though so it 
> could be the joint, 5th gear (what usually gets noisy if the tranny is a 
> little low) or something unrelated.)  The CV can wear from lack of 
> proper lube even though it's full of gear oil.
>      Loren
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