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kevin.jack at primus.ca kevin.jack at primus.ca
Tue Jun 8 16:02:32 EDT 2004

The way Sandy described (Sandy, correct me if im wrong) was that in the 
accident, maybe the wheel was pushed slightly closer to the transaxle 
causing the driveshaft to force its way into the seal. 

BTW...mine did not split, it had a hole about a 1/2 inch in diameter in the 
center of it worn right through. I thought it was some kind of a washer when 
I took it out. 

LBaird119 at aol.com writes: 

>> After chatting with Sandy Cameron, Im kinda worried that I have a problem 
>> causing this seal to be destroyed. Specifically, incorrect front end 
>> geometry. The car was in an accident on the drivers front corner. It has 
>> been aligned since, but maybe the geometry has changed slightly.  
>   I wouldn't expect misalignment to cause that "dust cover" to fail.  There's  
> no forces to speak of on it no matter what you do, other than pressure in 
> the tranny, as mentioned.  When I worked at VW I saw a few of the 
> exact same situation as yours and it was simply seal failure.  They 
> split down the middle.  Clean 'em up, new seal, new joint, no call-backs.
>   :)
>    I'd also never consider using Vaseline in a CV joint except just to limp 
> home in an emergency.  I think we already had the discussion that they 
> don't expect it to need that kind of high pressure additives with its common 
> uses!  ;-D
>      Loren
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