[Vwdiesel] The heart of leanness?

Ron Schroeder rjs at bnl.gov
Wed Jun 9 07:40:33 EDT 2004

Hi Hagar,

Blowby could add to your mileage and even more than just the added volume of
oil (fuel).  I have found that even fumigating the intake of a diesel with a
fuel other than Propane helps the eficiency of combustion.  I found that
putting 10% of my diesel fuel into the intake gave more than a 5%
improvement in fuel economy in both my 82 Audi 4000S diesel and my 84 Isuzu
diesel pickup.

Ron Schroeder
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> Loren is it possible for oil from turbo bearings to end up in intake ?
and adding to
> mileage ?.   I feel that blowby may add a bit that way.
> Hagar.

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