[Vwdiesel] The heart of leanness?

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Jun 9 11:10:13 EDT 2004

So at steady state it looks like the critical element is the injector operation...
A quick ejaculation with no dribbling? 
The finer the spray the better the burn? 
Higher breaking pressures have what effect?
Mark (The Miser)Uk 

Yes  Mark Miser  --as Loren rightfully pointed out , a diesel operates with "Excess" air
and can therefore be considered " Lean " at all times. That is if we use gasser terminology.
So your argument is correct.

When we look a bit deeper , it gets more interesting. (nice to see that Gavrik Peterson
may join us)     

A slow ejaculation is better and dribbling is out. (dribbling?)    Finer spray ? a big YES.
Higher breaking have what effect ? ---- It makes for a better burn and more complete combustion.
(finer spray)
Professor Bosch indicates that for a VW diesel the practical upper level is about
1000 bar.

Mark Miser you may call my " Bondo Baby "    --- " TWIGGY "   if you like. (thats lean)

The cynic's here will say Yeah we know all about LEAN ----no good , we get stuck in the slow lane. ------ NOT if you have a turbo --- I say.

Enter Mark Misers "Space ship" ------- I got a piece of gold fish tank tubing and
hooked up a 15 psi air supply .  If I want to pass that "Hummer" going up Jackass
Mountain   ---I flip a switch --and BINGO I blow the bastard off the road in a big billowing cloud of smoke.

The book say max 68 HP --you say ?  Right Right ---but I say 100HP plus on this baby.

This baby is now a Miser and a Treeclimber --- according to the wishes of the driver.

Mixture in the textbook is defined as the weight of air to the weight of fuel.  In the
real world that does not mean that we get anywhere --even if it is perfect.

The answer is to use more air than needed for complete combustion --right ?.

Right ----but only if we have all day for the combustion.  Enter the Hillbilly tuner.

Hillbilly tuning means tuning for "Performance" not setting something to a
printed table.   Mark Shepherd mentioned long time ago that engines were individuals
just like people. ----Tom Dick and Harry ?. ----- seems like I wind up with a lot of Harrys.

What Harry needs Harry gets ---up here. --------- TLC.

Am I rambling ?  --- yes ?   ah well.


PS:  My definition of a lean Diesel ? on where the air is allways more than needed.
no matter what you do to the pedal. ---NO smoke. Never any over fueling.
Yes it does mean gearing down a lot.

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