[Vwdiesel] RE Green striped engine/reman info

greg rich greg4vwparts at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 10 01:03:52 EDT 2004

The VW Canada reman engines did not necessarily have oversized pistons, they 
were a real mess to get in a car that needed a rebuild again-you never knew 
what you were going to get-standard pistons, oversized bearings etc-all they 
did was fix whatever was out of spec/tolerance and leave the rest standard 
(new parts of course). I have taken a few apart with the reman sticker so I 
know first hand.
VW no longer remanufactures engines or anything else anymore, Cummings OE 
does it all now (Toronto Canada), I guess it was cheaper to have someone 
else do it and take responsability. VW never had a good track record with 
their remanufacturing-alot of comebacks when I worked at the dealer (missing 
frost plugs or casting caps, porous castings, broken castings/missing chunks 
of metal, high oil consumption etc).
Someone raised a good point too-was this 1.5 block line bored etc? Would it 
accept a used crank and intermediate shaft without it? Who knows...it is 
cheap but he has had them listed for a long time now.
As far as I know ALL VW diesels were green blocks when they left the 
factory. It is very rare that any of the paint is left in my region (eastern 
Canada-the rust is severe on the block usually).
I have cleaned a few and found traces of the green paint usually behind the 
injection pump or somewhere well protected/covered in oil.

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>So, if you had the complete code I suppose that one could get with VW
>and find the manufacturing information to mate engine with S.N.?
>   Not sure if the serials match.  Next time I'm at the Rabbit I'll check
>since it's original.  When I got the 5 speed for it though, I asked the
>parts guy how I could tell which early 5 speed it was.  (there was a
>really early one with a little lower 4th and 5th gears.)  I gave him
>the numbers off of it and he told me the year and month of build!  :)
> > Interesting but doesn't explain the green stripe.  It's gotta be a
> > replacement block from VW.  Remanufactured or new, I don't know.
>   I suppose a reman would have to have oversize pistons in it.  Tempting
>to get one of these.  :)
>      Loren

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