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At first I did not really pay attention to the question.Then Gavrik Petersen
mentioned the injector testing.

The tester sits downstairs with old fuel in it. I forgot.

>From now on all testing will be done using hydraulic oil. That will protect
tester and the injectors.   IMHO  any good oil will do , say the stuff you
put in bottle jacks.

In the world there are millions of parked engines destroyed every year , due
to neclect . If shut down with a little care they would all be ok.

Rust and stale fuel killed them.       So what is the problem ?  with us types,
it has to do with " time flies " .   It was just parked ?  yeah right  4 years ago.

We know better ---but we need someone to crack the whip.   I am 50% ok , at least I
try.  Got 20 liters of Esso Rustban. ------For long time storage that works.

Live and learn :     Way way back when I started flying that Bensen (I made it) 
I discovered that the Mukkeluk engine dirtied the plugs every flight. So I got a set of
very expensive shielded 18 mm Aircraft Platinum plugs. After blasting them clean
a truckdriver talked me in to putting them in Liquid wrench --- really good rust protection
he said. -----------next time I saw them they were destroyed by rust.

Wisdom grows from that sort of thing.


PS:   It is now possible to get sponges with rust protection that works by evaporating and
settling on the steel  in cylinders and the like.

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