[Vwdiesel] Injection Pump Strangeness

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Jun 12 11:24:57 EDT 2004

068 130 109  -------  is the correct pump for VW 1.6 L   NA diesel.

Gavrik Peterson  before you know it you will be known around Seattle as
the Hillbilly tuning wizard  ----- the guy who can make rabbit do all kinds of tricks.

There is a lot more merit to Hillbilly tuning than some members will agree to.

When I first encountered that "strangeness"  I also suspected a bad pump.
But then after a number of pumps did exactly the same ----- I realized that it
is part of the design.

So why does a guy like me who has more dial indicators than I know and
digital photo rpm counters ----not tune by the BOOK ?.

Because it does not work on OLD   machines nearly as well as Hillbilly tuning.

Mark Shepherd explained it well some time ago ----- he said that all engines are
individuals and  I can add that all pumps are individuals.

Therefore your new engine is a better performer it runs at higher idle speed.
Therefore "strange" gets "stranger".

And you may have set the timing slightly different. Let us know what happens if you
set the idle back to where it starts to shake.

Better yet set it higher ----that will convince you. But be ready on the brakes.

You are playing with the part of taming a Rabbit that gives the most satisfaction.
Remember "Life or something like it" ?  ---- SATISFACTION

I thought that the governor consisted of a fly-weight mechanism and
some other grovey stuff that somehow control the amount of fuel that
the high pressure section delivers to the injectors, and thereby,
tries to make the engine to run at a speed that corresponds to the
position of the speed control lever.  If this is how the governor
works, then is not the pump doing exactly the same thing when the
control lever is rotated by the accelerator cable as it does when it
is resting on the idle speed adjusting screw?

  --  Gavrik

Half right and half wrong ----  lot more groovy than that.

Up here we have two types of diesels  ---no sleeves ? its a throw away diesel.
But I am going to hang on to my throw aways.

Remember to reset idle screw --every time you adjust the fueling screw.


PS:  The governor you think of is a simple type  ----like something that sets
the RPM --right ?  -- this is not that type.   We have what is called a minimum-
maximum speed governor. (like a RS )  way more groovey.

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