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Max fuel reduction is what I was thinking...clockwise;or in hits the welded sleeve to stop roasting pistons ;o) 
Looking at Roger's info gathered by M Jagersand describes the gov'nor and shows it pictorially as simply a device that moves the fuel spill sleeve away from the distribution end of the pump and hence presumably at some point [rpm-wise] pulls fully and causes all fuel to spill back to low pressure chamber. Maybe Max fueling screw can overcome this as it is also attached to the fuel spill sleeve and cause increase to max rpm..perhaps only limitled by engine destruction if in too far hence 
the welded sleeve. 

Could your problem be caused by faulty injector[s] allowing unburnt fuel to form which catches and gives the impression of extra fuelling?? 

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Subject : Gav's gov'nors 
I thought that the governor consisted of a fly-weight mechanism and 
some other grovey stuff that somehow control the amount of fuel that 
the high pressure section delivers to the injectors, and thereby, 
tries to make the engine to run at a speed that corresponds to the 
position of the speed control lever. If this is how the governor 
works, then is not the pump doing exactly the same thing when the 
control lever is rotated by the accelerator cable as it does when it 
is resting on the idle speed adjusting screw? 

-- Gavrik 
I suspect you are correct :o) 
Is your car a TD ... if so this surge could be the turbo racing?? 
The surge can only come from extra fuelling (or possibly a speed where the injectors are working more efficiently ????) 
Do you get any black smoke? 
What about an 1/8th of a turn anti clockwise on the max fuel screw? 

Mark (The Miser)Uk 
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