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Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Sun Jun 13 13:33:49 EDT 2004

  Almost sounds like the brake booster is not doing it's thing. Perhaps the
diaphragm has a hole in it?

 When you say you have vacuum there when you pull the hose off, I assume you
mean there is vacuum in the hose. Can you hear air sucking into the booster
through the fitting as well - in other words, is there vacuum built up
inside the booster cavity?

 If that's OK, perhaps there is something wrong inside the booster itself. I
don't know exactly how the vacuum is modulated to assist pedal force - there
may be a problem in that. Never had one apart! It's usually one of those "no
user-serviceable parts inside" things. I'm sure they are repairable, but
I've never had one go bad on me.


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> hi all.
> so.. symptom ...
>  brakes are not strong.
> will stop car..but hard pressure on pedal
> only gives gentle braking
> cant lock up brakes.
> ~~
> new master.
> new rear slaves & shoes/drums
> new front discs & shoes.
> (calipers looked and moved fine..pins where clean)
> evrything is nice and clean..no oil.
> ~~
> system has been bled several times.
> no bubbles.
> i have vacuum(now)
> pedal dose not change with pumping.
> pedal is firm and holds position if i step on it
> (doesn't sink)
> its not loosing any fluid anywhere.
> pulling the e-brake locks rears.
> i do not know what this cars /chassis problems where
> when i got it as i never drove it.
> could this be  the symptoms of the rear pressure regulator thing?
> maybe the rear is turned up to high?
> but then the rear should at least lock up???
> or could i still have vacuum issues?
> (even though when i pull the hose off the brake servo..i have vac there
and the hose sucks
> my finger well :o)
> any thoughts?
> thanks.
> cassie
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