[Vwdiesel] RE: Rabbit droppings # 88 . ---( the Hybridqustions) now small cars

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Not entirely true at all
Why did Chevrolet and Suzuki bring out the Aveo 5/Swift? It is a puny little 
car that was not here for a few years but brought back into the market. How 
about the Toyota Scion models (Echo hatch in Canada), another really small 
car that was introduced lately. Mercedes will be selling Smart cars in 
Canada this fall, 3L/100 kms turbodiesel. VW has Lupos with Transport Canada 
for testing for 3 years now, Audi has a couple A2s in testing too. GM just 
introduced a whole new line of small cars, the Epica, Optra, Aveo etc, all 
small cars that they weren't selling last year (built by Daewoo). The other 
companies will follow, they are behind right now (Dodge with the ancient 
Neon, Ford with the aging Focus...) they will have new small cars shortly 
when they see lots of GMs selling.
Small cars are making a comeback whether you notice it or not
VW's are not really getting bigger, the mk4 Jetta is the smallest Jetta 
interior/trunk wise of any-try putting a 6 footer in the backseat of a new 
Jetta and a TV in the trunk! Doesn't happen like the older chassis cars 
(A1-3). Maybe bigger exterior dimension but certainly smaller inside (I own 
one from each generation-I know how much smaller the new ones are).

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>Have you ever seen a Polo or Lupo?  They're extremely small.  Geo Metro
>small.  Americans as a whole don't like small cars.  Haven't you noticed
>that the Golf, Jetta, and Passat get bigger with every new generation?
>There's a reason for it.
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> > I read somewhere (don't remember where) that the lupo/polo/a2 1.2 all 
> > the strictest safety standards in the world, but vw has no intention of
> > importing them to the U.S. unless there is "a significant determined
>interest."  I
> > have no doubt that there would be a significant determined interest if 
> > general populus knew about them.  Although many Americans have been 
>into the
> > fashion of bulging, idiotic 12 mpg monsters with enough horsepower to
> > accelerate up a 12% grade when already doing 90, not all reason has
>escaped all
> > Americans.  Still probably 1/3 of all vehicles on the road are economy
>cars.  I think
> > that's a fairly significant market share.  Hmmm... is there politics
> > Andrew
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