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Chevy Aveo, Suzuki Swift, and the new Scion line from Toyota are all aimed
at one market -- the under 25 crowd.  A very small part of the overall car
buying market.

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nowsmall cars

> Not entirely true at all
> Why did Chevrolet and Suzuki bring out the Aveo 5/Swift? It is a puny
> car that was not here for a few years but brought back into the market.
> about the Toyota Scion models (Echo hatch in Canada), another really small
> car that was introduced lately. Mercedes will be selling Smart cars in
> Canada this fall, 3L/100 kms turbodiesel. VW has Lupos with Transport
> for testing for 3 years now, Audi has a couple A2s in testing too. GM just
> introduced a whole new line of small cars, the Epica, Optra, Aveo etc, all
> small cars that they weren't selling last year (built by Daewoo). The
> companies will follow, they are behind right now (Dodge with the ancient
> Neon, Ford with the aging Focus...) they will have new small cars shortly
> when they see lots of GMs selling.
> Small cars are making a comeback whether you notice it or not
> VW's are not really getting bigger, the mk4 Jetta is the smallest Jetta
> interior/trunk wise of any-try putting a 6 footer in the backseat of a new
> Jetta and a TV in the trunk! Doesn't happen like the older chassis cars
> (A1-3). Maybe bigger exterior dimension but certainly smaller inside (I
> one from each generation-I know how much smaller the new ones are).
> Greg

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