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> I learned a few years ago, that it was a common thing to refill R12 systems
> with propane, which works better than Dow R12 ever did. The amount carried
> in the system would not be of any danger outdoors, perhaps if you dumped the
> whole load in an underground garage and lit it, it might be exciting for an
> instant, but it amounts to half whats in a bernzomatic torch, so must be
> considered safe for domestic "idiot" use.

  I talked to a customer about such things a couple years ago.  Turned out 
he knew his refrigerants and hydrocarbons quite well.  He contended that 
propane not only would do about as good as propane, it was much more 
safe than any would think.  Propane is really fussy about the air:fuel 
ratio.  Much moreso than gasoline.  He said the odds of a leak igniting 
were slim to none.  Odds are that it'd either be too rich or too lean, then 
with open air it'd dispurse quickly.  Been thinking of trying it on the 
Actually did try it once.  That's when I found a hose had worn through.  
Good thing I didn't dump any $50/lb R-12 in there!

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