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Gary Shea shea at gtsdesign.com
Tue Jun 15 15:51:57 EDT 2004

Hi Doug --

Thanks for the info, I've been looking at Freezone along with some others
like R406.  Are you running Freezone in an early '80s AC system?  The
old cylindrical compressor?  I've read that the different styles of
evaporator temperature management among the various generations of AC
systems have different gas requirements, so I'm trying to find someone
who has converted this particular system.

I'll probably have to cobble up some kind of compressor for pumping the
system down, it has been vented down to plain old air.  Wish me luck
finding an old refrig out on the street... with a good compressor...

I haven't a clue about AC, except for books, and I don't know anyone who
does... except for list folks anyway.  Should be fun, eh...


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> > I've got an '82 diesel wabbit with non-functioning a/c
> Hey Gary,
> I have had very good results with  a product called Freezone, (RB276)
> It's a blend of R134B and R142,  with some kind of aromatic solvent added to 
> help emulsify the mineral oil found in the old R12 systems.  R134 itself 
> doesn't do a very good job of circulating the vital oil.  RB 276 is compatible with 
> R12, so if your system didn't completely discharge, you should be able to get 
> away with adding it until your pressures come up to about where they should 
> be.  Ideally you should still have some bubbles in the sight glass when full.  
> The freezone works well, and if you call your local AC supply outlet, they 
> should have it, or steer you in the right direction.  Hopefully you have at least 
> some experience working on AC, to stay out of trouble.  If not, probably a 
> good idea to find someone who can help you out.   Good luck, Doug.
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