[Vwdiesel] Hillbilly tuning of Rabbits.---- ( revisited with pride )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Jun 16 13:49:30 EDT 2004

When we give up the flexibility and knowledge base and willingness 
to understand and fix things, we are loosing far more strategically
than we may realize.


Yes Val the difference in attitude is a cultural thing. In Europe DIY was not part
of life like over here. In Denmark regulations did not allow for DIY  in electrical
matters or aircraft fixing (1932 to 1957)   Car repairs done by a welder --the weld
had to be examined by a designated inspector, before a plate was issued.

The lack of controls and regulations on this side was --- like a breath of fresh air
to me --- I felt like a colt in the spring being let out of the barn.

For many years now I have DIY'ed ---everything ----- have I made mistakes that
could do harm to someone? Yes but not as many as was done by certified
mechanic at a service station.     ----- no accidents ---is NO accident.

So out of this DIY experience came Hillbilly tuning.  Was it smarts on my part -
or was it Luck? ------  IT was pure LUCK. ------ but mother does it work or what ?

Here is how it started :

I needed a set of wheels ---- A guy shows up here in the sticks driving a 1982
2 door 1.6L NA diesel Rabbit.  It was close to 24 Dec and he was visiting
family for the holidays. On the back was a sign --FOR SALE --
Sent him back to big town on the bus.  

It smoked and lacked power.  ---how would I know that it was not normal ?
I never drove a good Rabbit.

This is where Ferguson should start to pay attention.      In the shed sat a lot of stale outdated
lube for Aircraft's.  Esso AD - 65    AD- 80    AD- 100   AD- 120.   ---- wanting to
get rid of the oil what better way than to lubricate Injectors and Pump and
get mileage as fuel ?.   BINGO.

To find out how much oil I could add to fuel --- got to a Quart (imp)   to 20 liters of skinny fuel.

I started out towards main gate ---and suddenly I noticed that the engine sounded
different ---NO marbles  but a mellow nice sound.

Away I go   -- when I got the hill where I always had to shift down ---and smoke it 
up the hill ------ she flew up the hill in high and no smoke.

Nothing was done to engine ---and fuel makes THAT much of a difference ?   That was the
starting point of Hillbilly Tuning.

Hillbilly Tuning for OLD Rabbits --works.    It turned out after much reading and
testing ---- that the problem was the internal timing device was not working
with skinny fuel  --but did work when viscosity was increased.

The VE pumps are super sensitive to lubricity in fuel.    And due to the timing
advance being related to internal pump pressure ---- we now have thousands
of VW's  smoking and lacking power.   The Vane pump vanes need lots of lube.
Ask you friendly back hoe operator he will tell you.

So luck it was ---- if I had not had a lot of lube to get rid off ---Hillbilly Tuning
may not have come about.

In 1962 I made a Bensen gyrocopter  ---and the regs said kill yourself only.

Hell in Europe at that time we were not allowed to commit suicide --it was against the law.

My attitude is that Brakes and Steering does involve someone else's safety
so I will accept inspection on those parts.      Tuning engine is not a danger to
 anyone. So only emissions are an issue to regulators.  I almost wish I had to
go to the aircare tests --- the Rabbits here are that clean. Due to Hillbilly Tuning.

So am I proud ?   absolutely ---  for a NON mechanic to get this far is a great
accomplishment ---and it shows --that most of you here can do the same thing.

Could I have done it without this site ?   maybe ---but not as fast.

Gary Orlando    ---I shall make a point by point Hillbilly tuning "Chart". sometime
in the future.

Scott Kair has done some work on condensing the procedures and in the future
we will have a step by step --precise instructions --edited by all the Wizards here
Like Loren ,Gary Orlando , Val Christian, Scott Kair,Ferguson ,   all here.

And when finished ---the newbies --and there will be newbies ---we can all refer them
to the chart.  ------   I have to mention Doyt --he knows how important the information
he provided is to this project.  

Not to forget Chizzy from Tyler Tex.  ---he provided the Name.

I like that name --maybe I watched too much television.       Hagar Tuning ?  nah
Hillbilly is better.


PS: Hope you will all help with this. Note that Tuning is different from Timing.

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