[Vwdiesel] question re Rabbit engine swap

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Wed Jun 16 15:25:43 EDT 2004

 What problems will I have putting the '82 engine &5spd in the '84

  None, straight bolt in with perhaps a bit of swapping due to upshift 
light type reverse switch or different sensors in the end head coolant 

>  Are the halfshafts interchangeable between the '84 4spd and the '82
> 5spd?

  Should be direct swap unless the transmission flanges are bigger on the 
84, still whole axle should swap or swap inner joints, or flanges.

>  Are there any differences in the '84 4spd shift linkage vs. the '82
> 5spd shift linkage?

  Yup, the plastic ball ended pieces.  One or both are a different length.  
Swap those and all should work.  5 speed tranny mount differs from a 
4 speed too but bolts in.

>  What other problems should I expect?

  Finding a second set of hands to help you!  Seems there's never anybody 
around when it comes to the heavy and akward stuff.  ;-)
  Most everything should change right over.  Things that don't will swap 
off of the original engine.  :)

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