[Vwdiesel] Snobbery and Car Fixing

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Jun 16 16:12:57 EDT 2004

Now I rebuild my own engines, rebuild my own suspension; lay my own
tile, frame my own walls, install my own carpeting, do my own electrical
work, HVAC repairs, plumbing... you name it. Practically everything
around the house. Since I retired from the Navy two years ago, with all
of the remodeling I have done, I have easily saved $20,000.

I take a certain pride in being self-sufficient.

Kind of like this thread ---- and I am sure it is close to a lot of us.
Here in the sticks the waterpump is an important item.  I just looked at the VeederRooter
counter I put on the pump  ---- 100 000 starts without fail --- not bad.

Done like this :   use the relay you get from sears  to operate a Cutler Hammer 
control relay --- big silver contacts ---and a good design.  Where did I get a bunch
of these relays ?  from the dumpster  ---- big industry changed from relays to
PLC' controls.  ---- (I think it means Programmable Logic Controllers) so all
those relays are obsolete overnight.--- by the millions.

I have never run in to SNOBBERY --- or maybe I missed it. As far as fixing is
concerned ---but a lot of snobbery as to what we drive. You are what you drive ?

I like to be what I fix.----- something that makes sense in  hard times.
We will survive a depression or what ever ----- I am totally optimistic even Vals
17 year old boy will do what he has to in the end.

5 plus years of occupation showed me what can really be done.  Man Raisins
from dried Rhubarbs ?  --ersatz --erstatnings --substitutes for all kind of things--
it was a good time --in a way. The pride of making DO was incredible.

Even as a Teener I was right in to it---and it was contagious.   The trucker
across the street was driving on Calcium Carbide.  Worked great for years.

Picking coke from the underside of pavement ?   to get heat in winter ?  you bet.
Coke is a great fuel ---no smoke ---and lots of heat.   It is a byproduct of making
cooking gas from coal.---- it was used for roadbeds before the war. .

During war # 2  a lot of trucks and Buses  drove on CO--- blue flame gas.

So why would old geezers miss those HARD times ?   beats me but it may be 
due to the feeling of being alive. 
Peace is boring to some people.-----utterly boring. And I know what they are saying.
But I am never bored. -----NEVER ---I may be boring , but that is different.

We will survive--- no matter what -----ok guys ?-.


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