[Vwdiesel] Esso AD in fuel

HWY9FERGS at cs.com HWY9FERGS at cs.com
Thu Jun 17 23:32:29 EDT 2004

In a message dated 6/16/2004 3:32:14 PM Pacific Standard Time, Hagar wrote

> This is where Ferguson should start to pay attention.      In the shed sat 
> a lot of stale outdated
> lube for Aircraft's.  Esso AD - 65    AD- 80    AD- 100   AD- 120.   ---- 
> wanting to
> get rid of the oil what better way than to lubricate Injectors and Pump and
> get mileage as fuel ?.   BINGO.


You know what's funny, below is the clip I've saved in my own personal 
archive since you wrote it::

/So what was the missing information in  the Bentley and the archives ????. 
/The pump pressure that's what.  I had to use "stealth" and downright 
/to get hold of the numbers.  Proprietary info and the like you all know that 

/But how did I a newbie discover that --- that was a problem ?  It has to do 
/getting rid of some cases of time expired aviation oil sitting in the shed.
/I had the bright idea that if I mixed it in with fuel , it would lubricate 
injection system
/and stretch mileage. It is a NIL ash oil  no SASH.

/So one fine day I decide to see how much I could add without problems.   WOW
/what a day.  So I added a couple of quarts of  Esso  AD-120 to 20 litres of 
/What happened next would have to be experienced .   After putting the fuel 
in tank
/I had to go for a trip to Lund. When I got out to lower rope at highway I 
noticed that
/the engine sounded completely different from the day before. A deep throaty 
/sound ---no marbles on a plate nothing. Next thing the long hill just before 
/NO smoke and it flew up that hill in high gear. I always had to gear down at 
that hill
/in the past and it would lay down a detroyerworthy smoke-screen.

/I have in mind old VW 's  -- so there.

/Stay tuned it may be continued.


I think I was paying attention old buddy!  What I've been doing lately is 
running about a quart and a half of Canola to a tankful, starts and runs better 
and noticably smoother  but unfortunately no appreciable gains in mileage, 
maybe just a tiny smidgin.  It is comforting knowing that with the additional 
lubricity, the engine should last longer as well.    Doug Ferguson

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