[Vwdiesel] Snobbery and Car Fixing

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Fri Jun 18 01:35:15 EDT 2004

Val Christian wrote:

>Some of us have had an offline conversation about how it's 
>"uncool" to work on cars.  In many circles it is.  Trust me.
I have at times been jealous of my friends that have never opened a 
hood.  There's a huge difference between getting to work on cars and 
having to work on cars.  And, I am really glad that my garage is behind 
my house so my neighbors can't see me out there working on my cars in 
torn-up greasy clothes with grease all over my hands and feet (I work 
barefoot so I can grab wrenches without crawling out from under the 
car).  But, I do work hard to be something more, though.  Here in Texas, 
the stereotype of the redneck working on his Camaro in the front drive 
with AC/DC blaring out into the street is alive and well.  I, on the 
other hand, am in my back drive working on my classic German cars (VW & 
MB) while blaring the clasical station or NPR.  A higher class of white 
trash.  And, I should say in defense of myself and friends of the 
"younger" generation that a few of us still take a stab at innovating 
our way to having a fixed car.  Especially since every time I take a car 
to a "professional", it comes back destroyed or I almost get killed 
driving it or both.
(Still waiting to hear back from the shop that blew the timing belt 
job--9 days later.)
And, between my pantry, freezer, and garden, I have at least a month's 
supply of food, thank you very much.  Just finished a dinner of deer 
ribs.  Muy tasty.

-85 Jetta TD, running, knock on wood
-65 190Dc, not too far from running
-00 Jetta TDI, ever so far from running

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