[Vwdiesel] Hillbilly Tuning - step # 1.

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So you have this OLD  Rabbit  -- 1980 -----1986   range , and you really don't
know condition of nozzle's and pump.

What to do first ? . 

Remove top timing belt cover ------and expect to drive with it off for a while.

Remove Plug  ---big plastic plug from tranny.

We are almost ready to time from scratch. (this is timing not TUNING)

For "TIMING"  from scratch and Hillbilly  TUNING --- all tools can be made by a DIY
at little cost.( not a dime cost here). 

You will not need a dial indicator.

The timing part is a procedure for getting  camshaft , crankshaft and injection pump
lined up at the starting line (gate?).
If you can manage , install BRAND NEW nozzles first.  ---if not , at least clean them.

Loren told me to get new nozzles and it can not be overstressed how much better
a set of good nozzles are to work with.  Injectors are very sensitive to rust ---they rust
if not stored properly. So if yours are old ,take them apart and inspect.

Working on step # 2.   it may follow.


PS: This is the time to change timing belt if you are not sure of condition.

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