[Vwdiesel] Injection pump --- ( Lore for beginners )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Jun 21 10:33:47 EDT 2004

FAQ :   What exactly is the difference between the different Rabbit
pumps ?.

One answer:   Original Rabbit 1.5L NA  1980 pump was a  068-130-107 A.

That is a VW number.      Next a Pump --- identical pump is to be used on a 
later model or different Engine .   Then you will see a letter added ---like G --
so now it is a AG pump.    In the test and calibration rig the setup specks
are different ---same pump .

If you look up in your Bentley    basic tune-up specs  the maximum minimum
RPM are different    ---1980 max is 5600 RPM and the 1983 is 5400 RPM .

Right there is a difference ----the governor screw is set different from one pump to the other.

Remember the screw has LEFT HAND THREAD.

1982  1.6 L NA pump   was a 107 pump ,  a later 1.6L NA
may specify a 109 pump.

A 109 pump can deliver more maximum fuel. (think Turbo).

More Lore as we go.


PS: Have fun.

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