[Vwdiesel] Turbo dreams

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Jun 21 10:57:48 EDT 2004

4- and 5-cylinder turbocharged Diesel engines are provided with a torsional vibration damper. The main goal was to dampen the critical 6th order at 4800 rpm. 

The increase in stiffness between the cylinder head and the engine block, as well as a change in the tightening procedure for the cylinder head baits, are essential modifications required for the turbocharged Diesel engine

Wolfsburg  provided information so it better be right.

SAE  Paper  # 820441.   ---- check it out,.

Sodium cooled valves are common in aircraft engines. usually only the exhaust.

If anyone is interested in how they work --- let me know. (got the handbook somewhere)

Wolfsburg --- had a hell of a time trying to make the original VW 4 cylinder 1.5L
diesel work ---- so turbo charging --- really put stresses on things.      I like to circulate
coolant fast ---so I discovered that increasing the speed of the coolant pump was a
piece of cake. -- on the 1.5L   ----- just use 1.6L pulleys.---BINGO --no hot spots in head.

Main use ? at slow speeds and idling.

We owe " Charlie Brown"    --- Roger Brown for digging out the and posting the SAE Paper.
I advise you all to read those papers.


PS: Love that Turbo now.

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