[Vwdiesel] Salty valves

Dennis Pantazis dennis at pantazis.org
Mon Jun 21 21:24:48 EDT 2004

iirc: sodium valves have SODIUM cores, not table salt.

sodium's melting point is about 208 deg F.

melting point for salt, (generic NaCl) is about 1500 deg F. if your valves
are 1500 deg hot, you will have other problems.....

aside: sodium was uses as the 'coolant' in soviet reactors, both land based
and ship based. there were many instances of problems (read: failures) due
to this system. for those old enough (not me) they lost ??? subs and sailors
to these failures. sodium is also VERY reactive with water, at times
explosive because the reaction is so violent!


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