[Vwdiesel] Sodium ---- ( the taste of sodium )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Jun 21 23:01:08 EDT 2004

So you think them Mexican peppers are HOT  ---try a piece of sodium.

The lecture took place in a -- Amphi theater ?  semi circular rows and higher in the back.

Being a keen bugger I sat down in front right in front of pan of water , where the sodium
was demonstrated.   After a lot of prodding he finally agreed to use a big chunk.

The resulting explosion is difficult to describe ,   but a piece of sodium hit me right
in the mouth .   ---- Fun stuff to play with --that Sodium and Potassium and Calcium
and Lithium.   

So do I still like sodium cooled valves ?  absolutely. great for a turbo.

I seen a lot of them ---but never heard of one breaking open . Some people say they are
weak .  The stem seems to be very thick , compared to non sodium.

Seems like things happen where I go ---like the genset ---- I managed to black the
whole school out. The last part of the field rheostat was an open button. DC motor
and commutation flashed---- blew the main fuses for the whole school. A very big school.
And it was winter and dark. (Night-school) --got the strap ? NO  I was teachers pet.

I am loaded with those  "mishap"? stories.    IMHO  it is a good way to learn --real fast.

Hagar .

PS :  How many of you have the first Rabbit go berserk , right after you got it ?  see what
I mean ?.  

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