[Vwdiesel] trailering with the New Passat TDI

Hayden Chasteen dieseltdi at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 21 23:26:25 EDT 2004

Well, we are now 4 days into our camping trip with my 04 Passat TDI and I
have some very good things to report.  First of all, it pulls like a champ.
My trailer weighs 1200 lbs plus we have about 200 lbs of stuff plus two
adults.  The car will even pass going uphill!!!  Results for mileage have
been mixed due to the very different conditions we have been doing.  Worst
is 24 mpg with alot of uphill and a head wind.  Best is 33 but that was on a
stretch of US 12 between Missoula, Montana and Lewiston, Idaho.  The first
30 miles was a gradual climb up to 5300 feet (a 2000 ft climb) but that was
followed by a 170 mile downhill run where we lost almost 3000 ft of
elevation.  Car was coasting much of the way.  Anyway, we are off to Seattle
in a day or two, then up into Canada.  If any of you see a dark blue Passat
pulling a Jayco trailer, wave as we pass by.  Hayden

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