[Vwdiesel] Crankshaft talks --- ( cranky geezer stuff )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Jun 22 19:12:08 EDT 2004

     The highly loaded crank-pin, at cylinder 4,    ?

Strengthening the crankshaft --- why ?  suddenly I understand.

I never before gave a thought to the fact that all the torque has to
be transmitted through the crank pins.

So if we run a VW at 100 hp ...  pin # 1  handles  25 HP  # 2   50 HP and so on.

Ideally # 4  should be fatter. than # 1. 

If VW had to improve the 1.6 L NA crank for the turbo , there are many things to
consider.   ----  most desirable would be a forged crank of best available alloy.
Then shot peening  ---- then x-ray and magnaflux inspection.  All costly. so I
expect they compromised.   Do cranks break ?  sure do  --- as many GM rocket
owners found out.   I have 2 broken cranks from 5.7 GM V8 diesels right here.
I have seen John Deere cranks broken (2 cylinder) dozer.   Airhead cranks break.

James Hansen some time back explained the difference between a cast and a forged shaft.

One thing I know for sure , is that a forged crank is way more expensive.

I never shot peened any rods or what not  but I have the shots and the machine.

Am I wrong in thinking that a lot of VW cranks are forged ?   I saw a film from Germany
showing how they made a crank at VW  the whole procedure. Very impressive
show.  Discovery or history channel ---- a show called Automobiles or the likes.
What it showed was forging.

Question :  Does anyone know if VW use cast cranks at all ?.


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