[Vwdiesel] Unenvironmental Diesels?

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Diesels produce more smog creating pollution, but less greenhouse gasses.

Gassers produce less smog creating pollution, but more greenhouse gasses.

For diesel emission talk go to:


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> A friend of mine has had it with his wasserboxer in his vanagon, and is
> on conversion.  I happen to own a vanagon converted to a 2.0 I4 jetta
motor (I
> didn't do the conversion or it would be diesel).  My friend leans more
> gas than diesel primarily because he feels they are more environmental
> (according to EPA).
> My understanding has always been that diesels emit more particulates,
> primarily carbon, but those particulates are less Toxic or environmentally
> than many of the compounds emitted by gasoline motors.
> This is a very important issue for me and I appreciate any input.  Links
> further applicabe information and sites are greatly appreciated.
> Andrew

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