[Vwdiesel] Pump Timing Ramblings -----( Gavriks pump )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Jun 23 12:35:33 EDT 2004

Gavrik if you have "Skype"  I can explain a few things about the pumps.

The reason it is so complicated to identify pumps , has to do with the fact
that Pumps are not VW but Bosch.

Bosch sells identical pumps to many different customers.

I have a fax here in front of me from bosch  dated 09/18/2003.  about correct
pump for  1984 Rabbit  1.6 Diesel.

107 pumps can be 1.6L Turbo  so can 109 pumps.        107 pumps can be 1.6L NA
and 109 pumps can be 1.6L NA .

The Bosch number rules.    If you ask Bosch for the correct pump for your VW
they may specify a newer type than  what was on the VW from new.

So we now need to have VW tell us what the original pump was. /clear as mud.

Are you having fun yet ?  ---- I am having a ball with pumps every day. Pumps can be done
in sick bay.

So in the end ? yes Gavrik we will all be messing with the Pump Timing to engine.
How small a move makes a difference ?  -----incredible how small a move does it.

It will be explained in detail in Hillbilly Tuning -----

By the way not all turbo VW engines use the LDA. (Marks space ship)


PS: Anyone who has Skype  can arrange to talk to me about anything. Just email me
to arrange a time. --- My computer phone has to be on line.

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