[Vwdiesel] Cleaning Head Bolt Holes ?

mark drillock drillock at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 23 14:09:15 EDT 2004

Michael Alexander wrote:

>Am about to do a head gasket on a 1.6.
>What is the best way to remove the crud from the bottom of the head bolt holes
>in the block?
I use a vacuum cleaner. I tape the neck of a clear plastic 16 ounce 
empty water bottle into the hose of the vacuum. Then I make a nail hole 
in the bottle, near the bottom. Then I force a soda straw an inch or 2 
into the nail hole. Use the other end of the straw to suck out the bolt 
holes, oil, coolant, whatever, comes right out. The bottle and straw 
setup acts as a water separator so no liquids go up the vacuum hose.


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