[Vwdiesel] Cleaning Head Bolt Holes ?

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Wed Jun 23 14:16:29 EDT 2004

gary wrote:
> A can of Brake Cleaner.
> Cover all of the other holes, then stick the squirt tube down to the
> bottom of the hole and let her rip!
> Clean the threads with a suitable tap, and repeat.
> Blows all of the gunk out and leaves no residue.
> I suppose compressed air would work, but won't dissolve anything.

I used a tap and some solvent on mine and then to clear it out of the
holes, used a compressed air gun.  Direct the air jet across the top of
the hole.  The venturi affect makes a good strong vacuum and sucks the
solvent and debris right out of the hole.  If you direct the air away
from the pistons, and put a piece of cardboard a foot or so away from
the block, you keep the crud out of the pistons and the cardboard
catches all the spray and keeps most of it off the engine bay.  


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