[Vwdiesel] Dead (still) TDI progress (or lack thereof)

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Wed Jun 23 23:18:26 EDT 2004

Long memories may recall my story of the TDI that jumped time after 
having the timing belt replaced at a shop some months prior. 

Well, I'm officially sick of it all.  Shop's been stalling for three 
weeks.  Still haven't pulled the head and have been saying, "We just 
don't know how the timing could have jumped.  I believe that tomorrow is 
going to be the showdown.   If I don't get any motion tomorrow, I'm 
going to tell them to put all the parts in a cardboard box in the trunk 
and I'm towing it to a dealer for an estimate and then to home.  Then I 
will file in small claims for the dealer estimate, towing charges and 
the rent car fees I'm going to incurr over the July 4th week on a long 
road trip I would otherwise have taken in the TDI. 

Anyone ever had to go down that road with small claims (if the value of 
the claim doesn't exceed the upper legal limit of $5,000)?  I'd 
appreciate any stories, probably off-list as it's working its way off 

I have a feeling that I will also be looking for a new parts source, so 
if anyone in D/FW knows a good independent VW shop that sells parts 
(preferably between Irving and Arlington), I'd appreciate that, too. 

Moral of the story appears to be:  Don't ever let anyone else so much as 
check your oil. 


'85 Jetta TD, last best hope
'65 MB 190Dc, now with tranny!
'00 Jetta TDI, dwindling hope

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