[Vwdiesel] Dead (still) TDI progress (or lack thereof)

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Thu Jun 24 12:35:02 EDT 2004

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> This may not be what you are looking for because it is an on-line parts
> supplier...
> Check out Rusty at www.buymbparts.com
> It is mainly a MB shop, but he has parts for all European cars.
> He is located in Ga I believe.
> I ordered a bunch of parts for my Rabbit; caliper bushings, valve cover
> gasket, ball joints, and the like. Ordered on Wednesday, delivered to my
> door (central Fl.) on Thursday.
> His prices are about the best you will find anywhere. I don't stock with
> the company, just a very happy customer. I learned about him when I had
> my MB 190D 2.5.
> -Gary
> On Wed, 2004-06-23 at 23:18, Shalyn Shourds wrote:
> > Long memories may recall my story of the TDI that jumped time after
> > having the timing belt replaced at a shop some months prior.
> >
> > Well, I'm officially sick of it all.  Shop's been stalling for three
> > weeks.  Still haven't pulled the head and have been saying, "We just
> > don't know how the timing could have jumped.  I believe that tomorrow is
> > going to be the showdown.   If I don't get any motion tomorrow, I'm
> > going to tell them to put all the parts in a cardboard box in the trunk
> > and I'm towing it to a dealer for an estimate and then to home.  Then I
> > will file in small claims for the dealer estimate, towing charges and
> > the rent car fees I'm going to incurr over the July 4th week on a long
> > road trip I would otherwise have taken in the TDI.
> >
> > Anyone ever had to go down that road with small claims (if the value of
> > the claim doesn't exceed the upper legal limit of $5,000)?  I'd
> > appreciate any stories, probably off-list as it's working its way off
> > topic.
> >
> > I have a feeling that I will also be looking for a new parts source, so
> > if anyone in D/FW knows a good independent VW shop that sells parts
> > (preferably between Irving and Arlington), I'd appreciate that, too.
> >
> > Moral of the story appears to be:  Don't ever let anyone else so much as
> > check your oil.
> >
> > -Shalyn
> >
> > '85 Jetta TD, last best hope
> > '65 MB 190Dc, now with tranny!
> > '00 Jetta TDI, dwindling hope

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