[Vwdiesel] more TDI head questions

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Fri Jun 25 00:30:45 EDT 2004

Well, they pulled the head today, though for some reason, the shop owner 
just wasn't around.  Made an appointment for tomorrow morning.  I am so 
sick of this. 

Assuming that they don't commit to any forward motion, I went by the 
local VW dealer to get an estimate of the work to help me value my legal 
claim.  They said that it would run $3500 for the job.  A couple of 
questions, the "service consultant" indicated that they just sort of 
smooth out the top of mildly damaged pistions.  Is that kosher?

Second question:  he also began talking about the damage that bent 
valves can cause.  Said essentially that due to the silicon ( he wasn't 
exactly sure) alloy the guides are made of, if a valve bends, the head 
is destroyed and essentially unrebuildable.  Said you can try, but the 
head will leak at the guides forever more.  Anyone know anything about 
that?  He was a little light on specifics and then disappeared to answer 
a phone. 

I appreciate all the support.  Sort of a bleak time when all you really 
want is an Andy Griffith world....


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