[Vwdiesel] Dead (still) TDI progress (or lack thereof)

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Fri Jun 25 20:59:32 EDT 2004

Well, good news is that the pistons are not damaged, only one valve 
really got smashed and the most serious damage is in the bore of the 
casting where the #1 intake valve lifter rides.  It's a little rough in 
there.  Hopefully, it can be sleeved.  BTW, the  pistons on the TDI are 
like nothing I've ever seen.  The mechanic was really helpful and cool. 

Bad news is then I went and talked to the owner of the shop.  Started 
off defensive and got worse from there.  He's spent a lot of time 
thinking about how to get out of this obligation.  He made his points 
clear and I made my points clear.  Conversation ended about the time he 
said, "I would take personal offense to that."  Didn't figure it was 
worth pushing past that point.  He's about twice my size :)  Smarter and 
better looking, yes.  Tougher in a fight, no.  Ergo, smarter and better 

I did call up another very good local VW shop that I wish I'd taken the 
original car to.  Just wanted to make sure that I wasn't crazy.  They 
gave me some much needed affirmation. 

Tragic dualism in this whole ordeal.  I love the mechanics.  Spent an 
hour today talking to one about hunting.  I really hate the shop owner.  
Makes it hard to firm up your feelings. 

Went back later when the owner wasn't there to get a total repair 
estimate from the head mechanic.  I told him that it would be worth $300 
for me not to have to fight over all this.  I figure that's about what 
it will cost me to file a claim. 

Otherwise, I don't know.  The car's totally disassembled.  Even if I 
were to get it back now, I'd have a hard time putting it back together 
since I didn't take it apart and most of the engine would be in a 
cardboard box.  And I don't even own the Bentley yet. 

One question, since I never deal with mechanics, I never did sign any 
kind of work authorization for this fiasco.  Anyone know any helpful 

Sorry for the rambling news, but hopefully, it will improve the 
collective knowledge.


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