[Vwdiesel] Re: Dead TDI fiasco

FJ40Jim at aol.com FJ40Jim at aol.com
Sat Jun 26 00:02:57 EDT 2004

In a message dated 6/25/2004, vwdiesel-request at vwfans.com writes:
> One question, since I never deal with mechanics, I never did sign any
> kind of work authorization for this fiasco.  Anyone know 
> any helpful ramifications?

In my state (Ohio) the garage would be up a creek with no legal (financial) recourse.  Fortunately it's never been a problem for me, but there have been times where I realized I was working on a repair order with no signature.  Not a good feeling, knowing that the vehicle owner could waltz in and say "What are you doing to my car?  I didn't sign any authorization for work!"

Jim Chenoweth
TLC Performance
Lancaster, Ohio, USA

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