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Mon Jun 28 12:45:00 EDT 2004

I second the cv shafts-I have had two cars with similar symptons your 
describing-but usually at 35-40 mph not 55. Shaking car-steering wheel going 
side to side-one car it was the inners joints had dried up and needed 
repacking, the other car the outer joing was sticking "out of round" meaning 
something was broken inside and jamming it so it was not straight anymore.
Usually a bad tire/wheel combo is evident when balancing-it won't balance 
easily, it wobbles, etc.

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>I would say more likely it's a cv shaft.  Remove and inspect.  If they look
>good, repack and install, if not, replace.
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>Hey guys,
>Thanks for all of the advice.  I will move the back wheels to the front - 
>one at a time.  If this does not solve the problem, I will pull the drive 
>shafts and inspect.
>Thanks, E.J.
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>IMHO its unlikely to be a fault with your CV joints in my limited 
>experience their faults show up as a grinding or knocking..try driving in a 
>circle full lock both ways this will usually display a clicking or 
>grinding..driving in a straight line puts minimal stress on the joint so if 
>it is the problem then the joint wear will be felt through the steering 
>moreso on the circling.
>I put my money on a tyre perhaps with a slight flat spot.. and maybe 
>coupled with a weak shocker...[do the bouncing of the vehicle corners 
>Maybe do a spin of each wheel [jacked up] and gently stroke it to feel for 
>anomalies as it spins
>The Miser(UK)
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