[Vwdiesel] Need help finding some hose

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Tue Jun 29 02:11:04 EDT 2004

  Dasher/BAE problem.
  The hose that goes from the air filter "can" to the turbo inlet is a 
flexable, 3" hose about 2' long.  It has to withstand some heat, no 
pressure, a tad of vacuum and oil in the blowby.  The old one is old, 
oil soaked, a couple inches short and I can't get it on the turbo inlet!!!
Too mushy, seemingly too small, etc.  For the time being I can have 
the Muffler Shop make a short, 3" piece with a bit of comressed taper
on one end.  Then I can get this hose on that and use a short piece of the 
orange, non-bendy, turbo coupling type hose to connect it to the turbo.
  NOBODY locally has anything even close to working and a little web 
searching only came up with a couple possibles.  It has to make a U 
bend with about a foot and a half between the two ends plus a little 
offset front to back.
  If anybody has any place they can check, I'd much appreciate it. 
You almost have to physically check the stuff to make sure it'll work.  :(

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