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I believe blow-by is usually caused by bad rings.  Some of the intake
compression is getting past the rings and into the crankcase, forcing some
of the oil out.

IIRC 1982 and 1983 (or was it 83 and 84?) Vanagons did have a 1.6 Diesel
option.  At least in the US.

AMSOIL Engine Flush is used to flush out all the gunk and crud that builds
up over time when using regular oils.  It more than likely won't solve any
blow-by problems.  In fact, nothing really will short of installing new

Christopher J. Thornton
1991 VW Jetta 2 Door 1.6 Diesel - 242k miles
2000 VW Golf 1.9TDI (turbo diesel) - 103k miles
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> I acquired a 1983 Vanagon Westfalia diesel a few months ago.
> This is the third engine in that car and it is said to have 75k mi.The
> engine is a 1.6 NA and must be from a Golf or Jetta.
> There is some blow-by coming from the dipstick orifice. It's spraying
> oil that finally drips on the alternator and water pump belt. Blow-by
> also comes from the valves cover oil cap. Otherwise the engine does not
> seem to lack too much power.
> Before investigating any further, I'd like to try additives, either or
> both to the oil and fuel.
> So far I found quit a few for oil:
> Lubegard Engine Flush
> Amsoil Engine Flush
> Marvel Mystery Oil
> Bell's Super Premium DEE-ZOL
> Gunk Diesel-Tone
> Bardhal Motor Flush
> Swepco 503
> Lubro Moly Pro-line Engine Flush
> Wynn's Engine tune up
> Any first hand experience with these products? Are they really effective
> to free rings and valves?
> Thanks to all of you, I learnt a lot reading your posts.
> Ludovic Fremaux

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