[Vwdiesel] Blow-by ----- ( and broken rings )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Jun 30 11:58:53 EDT 2004

My first Rabbit ------  was named the Blowhard Queen ---- could she blow ? or
what.  So much blowby that she run away on oil from sump.

When I took it apart ---sure as hell --a broken top ring. in one cylinder.

Now years later  ---the ring problem could have been found by a simple leak
down test.

IMHO  ---- it is a lot to ask for a little engine like that to mix it up in traffic
in north america dragging a house on wheels.

I shall let the mechanics help you  Ludovic ----- I am not a mechanic---- just a
real good tinkerer.

It is possible to clean the screen in VC if it is blocked.  Sounds like you got
lots of blow-by.

Coked and broken rings in old VW diesels are not uncommon .


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